The Best Wedding Finger Food


Passed appetizers that make a statement at any wedding reception.

After the vows have been exchanged and the ceremony completed, it’s time to enjoy the wedding reception, which means getting a drink from the bar, and immediately stalking the wait staff to see what sort of deliciousness awaits on the passed appetizer tray. And hopefully, as the bride and groom, you have carefully chosen mouthwatering finger foods that will delight your guest’s taste buds. After all, it’s the very first taste anyone gets of your wedding.

But not everyone knows how to play up the finger food portion of the wedding menu, because there was a time in the not-so-distant past when wedding food was almost aways a complete bust, met with low expectations by guests and bridal parties alike. Now, the culinary world is shifting, and foodie couples are injecting new creativity into reception menus. Thank, God. So when planning that perfect wedding menu, especially the hors d’oeuvres, take advantage of the amazing options out there. That’s because finger food, whether it be handheld sandwiches, gourmet kabobs or teeny tiny fish tacos are being hailed as the new it wedding food.

Here are some of our favorite finger food finds:

The Crostini: A crostini, also known as food on bread, is a must have element of a wedding menu. Not only is it a great way to soak up alcohol, but the recipes are endless. When topping a crostini, think about flavor profiles and what foods work well together to create one delicious bite.

Goat cheese, Prosciutto and Fig:  There is almost nothing better than tangy goat cheese, sweet fig jam and salty prosciutto, resting atop of a delicious crostini. The best part is that this simple recipe can be tweaked to suit your tastebuds. Try substituting sliced figs for fig jam, or using herbed goat cheese instead of regular. For a delicious and pretty garnish, top with a small basil leaf.


(Photo and recipe courtesy of Tasty Kitchen)

Horseradish Beef and Blue Cheese: A beautiful presentation with unbeatable flavors has never been easier to recreate on sliced bread. Use thinly sliced roast beef and don’t skimp on the blue cheese either. For those of you who haven’t been converted to blue cheese quite yet, try a drizzle of sharp cheddar sauce instead.


(Photo and recipe courtesy of The Girl Who Ate Everything)

Shrimp and Avocado: This simple morsel compares to shrimp and guacamole, only this time on toast! For added depths of flavor, sauté the shrimp with red chili flakes and garlic. Each bite will be packed with indescribable goodness that looks almost too good to eat.


(Photo and recipe courtesy of Annie Eats)

Spoonful of Goodness: This trend proves that a spoon is no longer just a standard kitchen utensil, but a wedding food instrument extraordinaire. In fact, every one-bite meal should  be served in a giant spoon. Today, we’re using them to serve up three single scoop bites that any wedding guest would love.

Seared Scallop with Parsnip Cream: One way to impress your wedding guests is to dish out a spoonful of scallop. The addition of truffle oil takes this dish from good to suddenly decadent, rich, fantastic and any tasty adjective that comes to mind. Your guests will be fighting for more.

Mini Scallop

(Photo and recipe courtesy of Eat Well)

Pasta with Heirloom Tomatoes: Curb the carb cravings by serving a single ravioli or tortellini lightly dressed in pesto on a large spoon for your guests. Sprinkle some Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and add a few halved heirloom tomatoes for presentation and you’ve successfully served mess-free pasta at your wedding.


(Photo Courtesy of

Soup & Bisques: Nothing’s better than slurping soup out of a spoon, and for a wedding, you can get creative with flavors. Fall wedding? Try a butternut squash and apple soup. Summer wedding? Lobster bisque! Winter? How about some hearty chowder. Whatever you choose, just be sure to add some textured garnishes, like mini croutons, micro-herbs or a dollop of creme fraiche to tie everything together.

Soup Spoons

(Photo Courtesy of Inspired By This)

Food on a Stick: Food is delicious and nutritious but you know what? It’s also really fun. And when you put food on a stick, it’s really, really fun. What’s great about finger food on a stick is that it can be the best of all things sweet and savory. Perfect for passed appetizers, an adorable dessert or even as wedding favors, these 3 sticklers will convert you that food on a stick is simply better than the rest.

Panzanella Salad: Putting a salad on a skewer makes it healthy, and it makes it different! Add all the flavors of this traditional bread salad (marinated croutons, tomatoes, cucumbers, even a hunk of cheese) layered on a stick and guests will love this new way of eating their veggies. In fact, they might not realize it’s a salad at all.


(Photo Courtesy of Matt Bites)

Chicken & Waffles: This isn’t your ordinary chicken and waffles plate. It’s fried chicken stuffed inside a waffle served on a pop with a maple and dijon dipping sauce. Say that five times fast. For any Southern wedding or chicken and waffles loving bride or groom, this treat on a stick is a can’t miss. You’ll wonder why you didn’t think of this dish sooner.


(Photo and recipe courtesy of Snappy Gourmet)

S’mores on a Stick: No fire pit at the reception? No problem. Give your guests the familiar flavors of campside desserts with the fun addition of it all being on a stick. This recipe couldn’t be easier: toast a marshmallow, dip in dark chocolate, roll in graham cracker crumbs and add the stick. We have a feeling these will go over especially well with the little ones.


(Photo and recipe courtesy of Bakers Royale)


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