The 100 Day Countdown to Wedding


I’m getting married in 100 days. 

Today marks 100 days until the wedding and—why beat around the bush—I am freaking out.

I’ve loved the safety net the three digit buffer has afforded since our engagement. All of the big details I took care of in the first few weeks—the band, photographer, videographer and venue were all locked and loaded. We had plenty of time to think about what we are having for dessert, or if I registered for enough gifts. Until today, that is. Today commences the 100 day countdown to wedding.

As of this moment, the wedding is exactly three months and 10 days away. And as the editor of this cute little Bridesmaid blog, my expertise in the wedding arena has historically been as the role of bystander. I’m used to planning the showers, not registering for them! So this has been an interesting time for me. And wedding planning isn’t exactly going how I thought it would.

Let’s start with the wedding diet. I have eliminated carbs, alcohol and dairy from my diet and enrolled in high-intensity workout courses. As a result, I have gained exactly one pound. This is confusing. It must have been the deep dish pizza I snuck in on the cheat day. Or maybe it was the 16 oz beer at the comedy show on Tuesday. I’m only 8 days in, so I should probably stay the course. But it’s not easy to get to the gym in a blizzard. #losing.

Then there is the guest list. I am having what we call a big fat Greek wedding. But the Greeks only a portion of the list. The other part  is because I have a hard time letting go of friends. Once you’re in with me, you’re in. And same goes with family. I did eventually have to draw the line somewhere—but let’s say that if we invited one person for every day we were engaged, it still wouldn’t cover our list. The more the merrier, right?

Jokes aside, what has been fantastic about this process so far is how close it has brought me to my fiancé. He’s been supportive and loving throughout all of my #brideproblems, and has even handled some of the details, like negotiating our hotel contract and things like that. He has also not looked at me like I was ridiculous when I cried over really stupid things. He’s been a sounding board and pretty much the only voice of reason, which is what I would call a great sign for our future.

As for everything else, it’s all coming down to the details. We have officially started the 100 day countdown to wedding which means I’ve got work to do. What still remains is to confirm that the vendors haven’t run for the hills, find flower girl baskets, arrange transportation, coordinate the morning after brunch, make sure that my dress fits and stuff like that. It’s going to be glorious, like for real. But you don’t see me stressing out about it. That just isn’t me.

I swear.

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