The Shower Strategy

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Getting ready for the shower

As a bridesmaid, getting ready for the bridal shower is always fun, especially when you are one of the hosts. Those last few days putting the finishing touches on the decor, finalizing the games and tweaking the guest list are really exciting because all of that hard work is about to pay off. Yay! And one teensy part of you can’t wait for it to be over so you can stop stressing about the details. Don’t worry, we completely understand the feeling.

Because I have been there before, I have a few tips and tricks that can help make the shower process run a bit more smoothly, so when you are in the moment you can sit back and have a good time. Here are three of my favorites:

3 shower strategy tips for the hostess

1. Gift list: As you already know, one of the jobs that get doled out a bridal shower is the Gift Tracker, one who writes down each of the gifts as they come in (read more about shower duties for the bridesmaids here). Make that person’s job easier by printing off a list with all of the guest names, so the person writing them down can easily find the name and fill in the gift information. This will be a big time saver and leave little room for error when the bride goes to write her thank you notes.

2. Have a timeline in mind: Having a general idea of the shower timeline is a great way to keep the event on track. Most people aren’t going to want to commit more than three hours to the whole event, so save some time at the end for mingling with the people who want to stay and hang out, and get the eating, games and gifts out of the way earlier in the┬áparty. That way those who have another commitment can be on their way.

3. Stay grounded. As my mama says, it’s not a good party unless something goes wrong. Keep that in mind on the shower day. If the restaurant brings out the wrong salad, or someone gets the flu at the last minute unless the bride is a heinous wench, she is going to love and recognize all of the hard work that went into the big day. Enjoy the party you planned, the food that is being served and the games in all of their glory.

And when the last guest finally says goodbye, put your feet up, have a big glass of wine and congratulate yourself for a party well planned.

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  1. I saw this post last year and remembered it when (two nitghs ago) I wanted to bake pumpkin bread so I backtracked and found it baked it and it was THE best pumpkin bread I have ever baked. Thank you so much. Loved, loved, loved it.

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