Seasonal Bachelorette Parties


A bachelorette theme party for every season

Before bridesmaids dive into important bachelorette party logistics, like whether the champagne should be pink or extra bubbly,  you have to narrow down when the big party will be taking place. If you’re planning a summer soiree, chances are you’ll want to be outside. If the bachelorette party falls in December and you live anywhere other than the West Coast, we doubt you’ll be throwing a beach & booze bash extravaganza. But since most bachelorette activities take place six to eight weeks before the wedding, oftentimes the bachelorette party schedule depends on when the bride is getting hitched. Here are some ideas for seasonal bachelorette parties to help you with the planning process. Happy (party) hunting, bridesmaids.

Summer: ‘Tis definitely the season for bachelorette parties, so if you’re planning one for your bride bestie, better make sure it stands out amongst the crowd! The great thing about planning a bachelorette bash in the summer is you’ve basically got a beautiful blank canvas with mother nature. Given the sunshine, street fairs, music and food festivals that pop up every summer, planning a celebratory party for the bride-to-be has never been easier.

  • Spend all day at the beach / pool / park
  • Go glamping (glamorous camping)
  • Channel your inner child and have the party at a theme park

Spring: Might we suggest April 25th? It’s the perfect day! Just as Miss Rhode island says in Miss Congeniality, “Because it’s not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket!” But in all seriousness – the great thing about spring bachelorette parties is you can be outside for more than an hour without sweating your makeup off! Add in some pretty florals and you’ve got yourself one beautiful bachelorette party.

  • Outdoor brunch
  • Wine tasting
  • Trolley tour around the city

Winter: ‘Maids, you can really have fun with this season. In our minds, winter extends from December through February, so given all the fun holidays throughout that time, there are endless options for a holiday-themed bachelorette bash. The only tricky factor about throwing a winter Bachelorette party is the weather. If you’re having out-of-town ‘maids, arranging travel in the midst of snowstorms can be tough. Keep an eye on winter storms and be flexible with your schedules.

  • Ugly sweater party
  • Galentines Day (girls take on “valentines day”)
  • Cozy spa party at home

Fall: Ah, fall. The sweaters. The scarves. The pumpkin spice lattes. Fall truly is such a special season and its our favorite for a reason (and anyone who called us “Basic” because of that can go jump off a latte-shaped cliff). We love the idea of savoring those last few days of the cool breeze, crunchy leaves and being able to hang outside without a winter coat. Getting to do all those things with your bridesmaid BFFs? Just about priceless!

  • Apple picking
  • Halloween themed party
  • Cooking class / dinner party


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