A Texas Wedding in the Fall


The perfect fall wedding.

A successful wedding is almost always defined by the amount of love present in the room. That means that the right people have been invited, the atmosphere is perfect and that the guests are enjoying themselves. And these are my favorite kind of weddings.

This past weekend I was part of a really special wedding where the love in the room was as thick as a down-home southern accent. My best friend from college married a true gentleman. Their happiness was visible – just as it should be – and they were surrounded by love the entire time.

Our bride-to-be was financially savvy and wanted to keep the extravagance to a minimum. What she saved in pennies, she made up for in details. The wedding took place at Weston Gardens in Ft. Worth, TX. It was a rustic, yet charming venue off of a country road in the middle of the Southwest.

The bridesmaids had the “Bridal Barn” to themselves and could get ready in private right on sight. With the cedar ceilings and vaulted ceilings, it was the perfect place for us to do our makeup and have a glass of champagne with the bride.




Walking out, the venue was paved with split-level brick. Around every corner there was a little nook with a fountain or view of a creek or a sudden clearing surrounded by trees with golden leaves. This was the perfect setting for a fall wedding. The mothers, aunts and friends all brought little accents to make the decor unique and homey. Every detail mattered. The bride even tied lockets with pictures of the grandpas who couldn’t attend around her bouquet.



All of the desserts were homemade. The groom’s mother brought traditional baklava and the bride’s aunts made carrot cake from a family recipe. The display was warm and welcoming. The guests couldn’t wait to dive in – and some literally did. (NOT  GUILTY).




A beautiful touch that was extra special was a table of framed wedding photos from the bride and grooms relatives. Multiple generations of happy couples on their wedding days were displayed. The faces in the photos seemed to bless this union, welcoming Athan and Jessica to a long line of happy marriages on both sides. It was magical – and a totally simple, DIY way of enhancing the ambiance of the wedding.


The clearings with golden trees made for the perfect backdrop for photos – which is one aspect of a fall wedding that everyone hopes for but not all are lucky enough to get. So on a perfect fall day in early November, a lovely couple joined two families together, in the presence of friends and loved ones, under a cloudless sky. Heaven.






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  1. What an absolutely beautiful wedding! All the personal touches you put into the decor was amazing! Loved the way you honored the grandfathers and all the wedding photos of happily married family members. Brilliant! Your love of family is evident and it will carry on with the love between you and Athan. Congratulations and love to both! Liz ,David and Steven Litzenberg

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