Popping the Question to Your Bridesmaids


Fun ways to ask your closest girls to be in your wedding.

One of the biggest milestones of wedding planning is popping the question to your bridesmaids. The simple words, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” are as exciting to say as they are to hear. That’s because there is nothing so sacred for women as friendship, and there is a special bond between a bride and her bridesmaids that goes well beyond the vows and the matching dresses. And in most cases, the bride has known her ‘maids for much longer than the groom. Asking these dear friends and family members to be part of her big day is a great opportunity to have fun, get a little creative and show these ladies why their friendship is so important.

But finding a creative way to pop the question isn’t always so easy. Because we’ve been asked a few times, so we came up with some fun and special ways to ask your bridesmaids to be part of your wedding.

1) Boozy: Before you pop the question, why not pop the cork? Custom labels for wine and champagne bottles are a great way to kick off the celebration of asking someone to stand beside you in your wedding party. A cute gift on the side would also be a custom wine opener or a pair of special champagne flutes to begin the toasts. Extra points if you save opening the bottle for a special occasion—like during wedding dress shopping, rehearsal dinner or even on the day of the wedding to calm everyone’s nerves.

Champagne Wine

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2) Crafty: If you’re feeling crafty and creative, a “keepsake” box is a fun and unique route to take when asking someone to be your bridesmaid. These types of boxes can be personalized to each maid and are a great way to show your girls how much they mean to you and how much you’d love having them stand beside you on the big day. As a bride, you have the option to fill them however you’d like: unique stationary, bridesmaids “essentials”, paint swatches of the dresses, and of course, chocolate.





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3) Baked Goods: Speaking of chocolate, why not ask your bridesmaid in the most delicious of ways: with a sweet treat! We love the idea of gathering all your potential maids over for a meal and then surprising them with dessert and an important question. Cookie cutouts in the shape of a dress make for an edible arrangement almost too adorable to eat and cupcakes with a fondant topper are simple and delicious. We’re also in love with the idea of cake in a mason jar. When finished with a bow and a matching custom napkin to boot, this gift is sweet, unique and can even be customized to the color scheme of the wedding.


Screen shot 2014-09-09 at 4.45.07 PM


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4) DIY: We can never get enough of DIY, and these handmade hangers are a great way to ask your maids and a great keepsake for the wedding. You could always add a homemade hanky with “Will you be my bridesmaid?” stitched on it to make it totally official. And if one of your potential maids lives in a different city, why not ask her over Skype with a handmade “photo” booth? Or, ship her a crossword puzzle for a sweet surprise in the mail. And if you really want to “pop” the question, what better way to do it with a ring pop? Not to say our in-town maids wouldn’t appreciate these options as well, but when it comes to long distance bridesmaid, a little creativity goes a long way.





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Whether you pop the question to your bridesmaids in person with a card, over dinner with a cupcake or via snail-mail with a crossword puzzle, your dearest friends are going to love becoming a bridesmaid-to-be. But there’s no harm in getting a little creative during the process. We’re curious: how have YOU been asked to be a bridesmaid? Leave your stories in the comments below!


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