Personal Wedding Gifts


Creative and personal wedding gifts for the bride and groom go a long way.

Personal wedding gifts can go a long way, especially these days when Crate & Barrel is basically kept in business because of bridal registries—and no one loves a good gift-buying guide more than us. Wedding registries are especially great for a couple with whom you may not be as intimately acquainted. If you are part of the wedding party or really close to the bride and groom, taking a more creative approach and buying outside of the registry can be a very meaningful gesture.

Listen, I know you’ve got a lot on your plate and that the easiest way to procure a gift is to hit the Interwebs and buy away. You don’t have to wrap anything, for a few extra bucks it ships right to their address — I get it. So to help you out I’ve created a little registry of my own to inspire create gift giving for the bride and groom. You are part of the wedding, after all. Why not think outside the Macy’s box?

IMG_3909Shutterfly Album — This is a gift that will seriously keep on giving. Start by finding digital copies of your favorite pictures, which might require the use of a scanner. Upload them to Shutterfly, and then use the templates provided to create a really stunning scrapbook. For one of my favorite brides we created a custom photo album where each of the bridesmaids had a full two-page spread. We all signed in under one user-name and created a special page with a note for the bride from her bridesmaids. We gave it to her on the night before her bachelorette party and she loved it. I have also made these in the past where we showcased all of the events leading up to the wedding, with photos of the engagement party, showers, rehearsal dinner and bachelorette. It’s a really meaningful  — and easy — way to make the bride feel loved.

Custom Garter — One of my friends always gets a custom garter for the gal getting married. Using the wedding colors and the couple’s initials and their wedding date, she creates something really special, going above and beyond the standard bachelorette party neglige. Check out a cool vendor here.

Personalized Platter — The personalized platter is an adorable wedding gift for a couple. They can use it while entertaining or place it on a display stand in their living space. The platters can be simple with just the family last name painted on the surface, or they can be more complex with illustrations of the bride and groom. Either way, it’s an adorable way for the couple to be regularly reminded of their wedding day, and these platters are available at a very reasonable price point. Bonus!

Mod-Podge-signDecorative Family Name Sign — I am a huge fan of a decorative sign boasting the couple’s last name that they can hang in their home. It’s something they will seriously use for life, in the entryway of their first home or in a lake house as they get older. The best part about this gift is that it has total DIY potential, and there are few gifts more meaningful than something both personal and homemade. The personalized sign makes a great, thoughtful gift — just don’t make it too big that they can’t find a place to hang it!

Engraved Flask  — If you’re a groomsmen or a close gal pal to the man-to-be, a great personalized gift is an engraved flask. I purchased these for each of my brother-in-laws. It was a great accessory for photos, light humor and provided that personal element to make the gift more meaningful. That’s what it’s all about, right?


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