The Perfect Ornament Shower


The holiday season presents a great opportunity to shower a bride to be with seasonal love with the help of an ornament shower. 

The holidays are a time to gather with your nearest and dearest surrounded by love and holiday cheer. It’s also the perfect time of year to celebrate a bride to be with the help of a seasonal wedding shower. While trying to plan a shower during the Christmas season may seem daunting, it’s actually an event that plans itself. Enter, the ornament shower.

An ornament shower is a fantastic way to provide a bride and groom with a starter collection of ornaments for their Christmas tree. Request that each guest bring an ornament to celebrate the couple’s love and upcoming nuptials. Then, pass out the mulled wine and cupcakes, and gather around while ornaments are unwrapped and placed on the tree for all of the guests to see. Laugh, smile, pose for pictures and repeat.

When it comes to menu and decor, most homes will already be decked out for the holidays, with warm candles glowing and a pine-scented Christmas tree trimmed and sparkling with lights. The decor should follow a simple holiday theme, which, unless you are of the Scrooge-variety, is probably already decorated. Then, make a custom drink like our Caramel Apple Cider Cocktail, and guests will be in heaven. For this festive shower, light appetizers will suffice, because most people won’t have three hours to commit for a lengthy event. Keep it short, then send people on their way, inspired to decorate their own home’s for the holidays. Little mini ornaments also make great party favors.

The hardest part is figuring out which ornament to choose for the couple. Whether you choose something custom and sentimental or one that is shiny and bold, the couple will be thrilled to have a collection of meaningful ornaments to call their own. But since it never hurts to have extra inspiration, here are some of our favorites.


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