On the Menu: Late Night Wedding Food


When late night food can be a wedding’s saving grace.

We’ve all been there. You’re at a wedding and you’ve been drinking and dancing for the past four hours. Things are starting to wind down, the hunger pangs set in and much to your dismay, there’s no cake left in sight. Your mind begins to wander with the thought of fast-food options, as you’ll certainly need something in your stomach to soak up all of that champagne. Then suddenly, you spot the tray. The tray that’s full of mini sliders oozing with cheese and crispy fries with ketchup.

And in an instant, it’s the best wedding ever.

For many couples, food is an integral part of the wedding day. Whether you choose a sit-down dinner, buffet, food stations or passed items, it’s important to provide your guests with plenty of finger-lickin’ options. If not, don’t blame us when groomsman Mike or bridesmaid Jennifer get a little too down on the dance floor after all the champagne toasts.

While many wedding guests will anticipate a meal in some form of another, it’s the little, unexpected surprises, like a late-night snack, that go a long way in distinguishing a good wedding from a great one. So, today we’re discussing various options from sweet to savory snacks to dish out when the clock strikes midnight.

1) The Sweet Side: If you’re planning on partying till the wee hours of the morning, your guests will definitely appreciate some fuel to keep them going through the after-party. Perk up the traditional cup of joe with the addition of coffee’s best friend: a donut. Make things extra adorable by placing donut holes on coffee stirrers or featuring an assortment of seasonal flavors to keep with the wedding theme. (Think pumpkin donuts with cinnamon coffee in the fall.)

For a caffeine-free option sub cold milk for the coffee and chocolate chip cookies for the donut. Either way, guests will be happy to indulge in a sweet childhood favorite and will leave feeling refreshed and ready for whatever the rest of the night will hold.



(Photos Courtesy of Camille Styles and The Wedding Chicks)

Let’s say you’re planning a summer wedding and want to keep guests feeling cool and refreshed throughout the reception. One idea would be to serve homemade fudgesicles with the adorable addition of the bride and groom’s initials stamped on the stick. If you want to avoid messy ice cream cones, why not charm your guests with a “cake” ice cream cone. We’re sure all the younger guests would love that sweet surprise.


(Photo Courtesy of Truffle Berry Market and Food Network)

2) Savory Snacks: For a unique twist on a food nightcap, try dishing out something other than burgers and fries to your late-night guests. We’re drooling over the idea of individual noodles in take-out boxes (equipped with chopsticks!), or mini fish tacos served with pint-sized margaritas. Plus, those mini Patron bottles would be adorable keepsakes. Soft pretzels served alongside mini coke bottles are fun twists as well and you could serve up various kinds of beer cheese or spicy mustard on the side. And of course, who wouldn’t love to kick off their heels and cozy up next to a bowl of mac and cheese?!


(Photos Courtesy of Wedding Snap, Colin Cowie Weddings, The Knot and Wedding Gawker)

3) Drink it Up: If you’d rather send your guests off with something in liquid form, we’ve got 3 adorable ideas for you. Kids and adults alike will love sippin’ on homemade milkshakes and since they’re mini, you could always try a variety of flavors, including vanilla, chocolate, s’mores or cake batter. For a throwback to the older generation, try a miniature root beer float. Top it off with whipped cream and a cherry for extra smiles. And finally, for those needing something a bit stronger, we suggest boozy slushies. They’re easy, colorful and guaranteed to keep the party going all night long.





(Photos Courtesy of Babble, Weddings by Lilly, Style Me Pretty and Mazel Moments)

Remember, a happy stomach equals a happy wedding guest!




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