How to Cope as the Single Bridesmaid


Coping as the single bridesmaid: A love story.

Dearest readers,

Here at Bridesmaids Uncorked, we don’t lie. We meant it when we said being a bridesmaid is unfortunately expensive. We too, think penis cakes are silly and overrated. We agree that spending $200 on a dress for one day is bonkers. And while being a bridesmaid is an incredible honor and an experience you, your liver and your wallet will never forget, we can’t lie to you about this last part. Being the single bridesmaid in a wedding is kind of the pits.

While we will happily acknowledge that a wedding is about celebrating a couple’s eternal love for each other, we also recognize the pain of being single at such a loving, joyous affair. It’s especially tough when, as a single ‘maid, you’re sitting at a table where the topics of conversation range from engagement stories and 3 carat diamond rings to tales of wedded bliss and pregnancy announcements. You, being the fabulous single lady that you are, don’t have much to contribute. You just sit there, taking huge gulps of wine, praying for the D.J. to play Beyonce or the Cupid Shuffle, something, anything to get you away from the table and onto the dance floor. But then, the inevitable happens. Another slow song reverberates through the speakers, one that simultaneously tugs at your heart strings but also makes you want to poke your eyes out.

Instead of making a beeline towards the bar, let’s consider our options, shall we?

  • You could drink your weight in wine, bitter and sad that you don’t have a date to hang with all night. OR you could push all that to the side and realize that you being single has no weight against the fact that your best friend just got married and you, out of all the people in the world, got to stand by her side and witness her marry the person she loves.
  • You could fight a bitch during the bouquet toss. OR you could get on that dance floor, maybe catch the bouquet and regardless of the outcome, laugh it off and run home to put those babies in water, because flowers are flowers and you want these beauties to last!
  • You could tear up when old friends and the brides family keep prodding as to why you’re single. OR you could smile politely, shrug it off and go dance your face off.
  • You could partake in the first few obligatory, “I’m-a-bridesmaid-and-it’s-my-duty-to-pack-the-dance-floor” dances and then shuffle away, leaving the couples to dominate the dance floor. OR you could lady up, grab ALL your girls and kill it on the dance floor, because guess what? Weddings are for dancing. They’re for breakin’ it down with your besties, single or otherwise.

At the end of the day, please remember this: the bride won’t remember if you’re single, taken or on Tinder. She’ll remember how you, her amazing bridesmaid made the most out of her wedding. And who knows, maybe the next time you’re beckoned to be a bridesmaid, you won’t be so-totally-100%-single.

All our love,

Single-at-a-wedding-once-but-single-no-more…Bridesmaids Uncorked


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