Hosting a Bridal Shower From Out of Town….


How to host a bridal shower from another city.

Hosting a bridal shower in another city for a low-budget bride, who wants no presents, is a pretty tall order for a Maid of Honor. Unless you can partner with a relative who leaves near the venue – which makes it all a whole lot easier. This was me a few weeks ago. But after a recommendation from a few Texans, myself and one of the bride’s aunt’s decided to go with venue¬†Patty’s Pantry, a little bakery in Arlington, TX. We couldn’t have asked for a more adorable atmosphere to celebrate our girl.


The ambiance is rustic and charming. While primarily a bakery, several vendors have joined shop here too, selling everything from paper goods to candles to adorable clothes. The cakes on display were the venue centerpiece, dotting the walls and tables throughout and filling the room with the aroma of fresh cookies. YUM.


We had our own private room in the back called the Tea Room. We could decorate the room to our liking and have a quiet place to chat and open presents. The aunts and cousins based in Texas handled the decor, which was a God send – it wouldn’t have been easy to haul decorations in from Chicago. These women did an absolutely amazing job. They rolled out a giant burlap tablecloth and then dotted it with lace place mats – none of which exactly matched, but the coordinating patterns made it charming and cozy. The cousin-in-law of the bride decorated mason jars (actually, if you looked closely, there were even some Pregu jars mixed in!) with lace and burlap. The jars housed beautiful fresh wild flowers. The arrangements were amazing. It showed just how far a little DIY creativity can go – the set up couldn’t have been cuter.



The lunch Patty’s Pantry provided was excellent – but make sure to request vegetarian options in advance! We had two girls who didn’t eat meat, but the chef quickly prepared an alternative meal for the girls. We were grateful at how thoughtful they were not to just slab some bread and cheese on a plate. For dessert we had some of their famous cheesecake. Holy moly. It was unbelievable – you know that a dessert is good when it can silence a whole room full of ladies!


Overall, the day was a huge success and the bride could totally feel the love. That or she was hypnotized by the sweet smell of baked goods. Thank you, Patty’s Pantry! You get an A+++.




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