Gatsby Shower Theme


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Don’t we all wish we were born in the Roaring 20s?! The feathered dresses. The crazy parties. Bedazzled headpieces. Strands of pearls. The. Endless. Champagne. Since we (sadly) can’t go back in time and attend a party by Jay Gatsby himself, we can certainly recreate one. So, for the retro bride or anyone who loves a little black, gold and glitter, may we suggest throwing a Gatsby Shower Theme? From invitations, to decor, food and more, we’ve got you covered in this themed shower extravaganza. Be prepared to transport yourself to one crazy, fabulous and fun era.

Gatsby Shower Theme

Invitations: With a color palette of gold, silver and black, there’s no way your Gatsby invites won’t be totally adorable. Make sure to state all details in the invite, including “Roaring 20s Attire Required.” You don’t want your guests showing up in jeans and a white tee, complaining they had no idea there was a strict dress code. Send the invitations out weeks in advance, giving guests plenty of time to shop for the perfect outfit!

Decor: Planning out the decor for a Gatsby shower *might* even be more fun than the party itself.  Stick to the same color palette of gold, silver and black and decorate everywhere you can. Gold balloons hanging from the ceiling make for a beautiful and dazzling entrance. Glittered mason jars double as decoration and vases for flowers. Sprinkle in pearls everywhere you can, including the dining room table. And don’t forget about props! We love the idea of having a mock photo booth using fake mustaches and 20s themed glasses. Since this is such a specific themed shower, go crazy with the decorations. The point IS to transport your guests to a certain period of time, is it not?

Sustenance: First things first, let there be champagne—lots of champagne. Serve it plain or as a champagne cocktail. Add in some frozen berries and you’ve got yourself a drink Daisy Buchanan herself would love. For lunch, provide guests with one of the most decadent, rich and delicious of sandwiches like the French Classic, a croquemonsieur. Definitely keep with the retro theme when it comes to dessert, dishing out either macarons or crème brûlée. Bonus points if you find a dessert with edible glitter.

Attire: We’d have way too much fun with this one. The options are pretty much endless when it comes to roaring 20s fashion and of course. If you’re shopping in your closet, opt for a shift dress with a long necklace or strands of pearls. Top it off with high heels and a dangly pair of earrings. Just don’t forget the headpieces or pearls. No flapper costume would be without either!

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