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Our list of 5 amazingly fun, never awkward shower games. 

The cookies are baked, the streamers are strung and the champagne is flowing. But after awhile the small talk comes to an end and it’s time for the group of lovely shower attendees to get to know one another with a shower game. While these icebreakers can be entertaining, sometimes they can be just plain awkward (like chewing a plastic baby out of an ice cube or naming the bride to be’s ex boyfriends). Because we’re on a mission to avoid any awkward shower moments, we decided to share our arsenal of shower games that will set the tone for the wedding festivities. Just don’t wait until the last minute—some of these games require some advanced planning.

5 Amazing Shower Games

1. Who Am I? Game: This is such a great game to kick off a bridal shower, as it gives guests a funny way to get acquainted with each other. Write names of well-known figures, ranging from animals to celebrities and historical figures to even the bridal party, on sticky notes and toss into a bag. Gather everyone together and have them pick a sticky name for the person to their left, but keep it hidden so the guest doesn’t see what name is being placed on their forehead. Then, with a series of questions, “Was I born in the 1980s?”, “Have I ever been President?”, “Have I ever been on television?”, “Do I have kids?” and more, each guest asks other guests questions to determine who they are. Hilarious, unique and interactive, this game is a can’t miss for bridal showers.

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2. Clothespin Game: This game is all about forbidden words. As guests arrive, give each of them one clothespin (or for a baby shower, a diaper pin), telling them to avoid 2-3 words related to the big day, such as “wedding,” “[name of groom]” “honeymoon.” If another guest hears you speak one of those words, they’re allowed to steal a pin from you. Incentivize your guests with a great prize— whoever collects the most pins, wins! While this doesn’t have to carry on throughout the entire shower, it’s a fun way to get everyone mingling—especially great for the super competitive.


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3. He said / She said: For a fun twist on trivia, gather the groom a few weeks before the bridal shower. Ask him a variety of questions about the nuances of their relationship, such as who makes the coffee, walks the dogs and favorite foods. Then, ask the bride the same questions. Compile both answers into a fun he said/she said spreadsheet for guests to fill out. It’s fun to gather everyone around to debate over the answers, then read them out loud together. Whoever gets the most right wins!


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4. Wedding Wisdom: We adore the idea of guests leaving wedding advice for the couple-to-be. Have everyone write one piece of wedding advice on a wooden spoon or on the back of a recipe card with a black sharpie. For an additional twist, have the bride read the advice aloud and guess which guest wrote what piece of advice. The best part? The bride can keep the advice as a great keepsake, not to mention sharing them with the groom as “gentle reminders.”


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5. Bride Trivia: This game is always fun when blending different groups of people who know the bride from various walks of life. Put together a list of 10-20 open ended questions about the bride, touching on different areas of her life. Some of our favorites are, “What was the name of the bride’s 4th grade teacher?” and “What band did she go see 12 times in college?” or “What country was she visiting when she met the groom?” By covering a lot of territory, all of the shower guests will have a shot at getting some questions right, while also learning more about the bride. Shower bonding, anyone?



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