DIY 101: Bridal Shower Invitations


How to take bridal shower invitations into your own hands.

As a bridesmaid, one of your most important duties is planning the bridal shower. Traditionally, the bridesmaids are responsible for throwing the shower which usually takes place a few weeks or even months before the wedding and bachelorette party. Along with the mother-of-the-bride, it’s your responsibility to make the bride feel special and celebrate those last few weeks of singledom with close friends, family and lots of champagne.

And of course, as all you beautiful bridesmaids know, when there’s a chance to save a few bucks here and there, you take it. Before you can even start thinking about cocktails, games and presents, there’s one thing you have to take on first and that’s the invitations.

But fear not, because one of the greatest things about wedding planning these days is the DIY factor. Everything from floral arrangements to place cards to even wedding dresses, can be made by hand. And thankfully, so can invitations. So, whether you choose to make them online or hand-stitch those bad boys, we’re discussing a number of techniques to make custom and unique invites that your bride and guests will simply adore.

1) Free printables: While websites like Etsy are great for ordering adorable invitations like this glittery confection, not all bridesmaids can afford to spend $20 on invitations alone. So, enter the freebies. Free invitation templates are available all over the world wide web in a variety of colors, fonts, textures and sizes.

We’re big fans of the DIY network’s printables, which with the click of a button can be edited to fit your bridal shower specifics. Plus, they come in adorable themes like nautical, brunches and “Stock the Bar.”  Just click, edit & print and you’re on your way.

If you’re looking to also create things like tent cards, labels, and even banners for the shower, we suggest checking out the printables from Love Party Printables. You can create and customize invites in adorable designs (we’re loving the “Here Comes the Bride collection, shown below) and ensure you have a static design across all card essentials.


2) Small touches: If you already have your shower invitations printed but want to add something special for the bride and guests, why not consider adding a small DIY touch like fabric or lace? While it may seem daunting, it’s actually much easier than you might think. For the lace-loving bride, you can add wrap a single doily around the invitation, glue strips of burlap to the front of the invite or secure a strip of fabric lace with a pearl or bow, depending on how girly the bride really is, of course.

If you’re thinking fabric, you have plenty of options. The ladies over at Wedding Chicks have designed a tutorial for adding a strip of fabric to the right upper-side of a shower invitation using just 4 “ingredients.” The floral strip of fabric instantly adds a unique twist to the already adorable invite and the DIY factor will make you, the artistic bridesmaid, headed into Martha Stewart territory.


3) Thinking outside the “card” box: Who said invitations had to be printed on paper? Channel your creative flair, bridesmaids, and think outside the box. Style Me Pretty has blogged about what may be potentially the cutest invitations we’ve ever seen and guess what — they’re on a balloon! You can design your own custom balloons from Fast Balloon & move on from there. By keeping the bridal shower’s color palette in mind, these balloons can serve as bridal shower invites and fab shower decor.


Another adorable — and edible — idea for a DIY shower invite is to use a chocolate bar with a printed label. WH Candy has plenty of custom designs to choose from, many of which feature the shower details such as time, date and RSVP, on the back bar as “nutritional information.”  If that’s not the most delicious invitation idea, we’re not sure what is. Just be sure to mail these in a safe packaging — you don’t want your shower guests receiving an indecipherable bar of melted chocolate from the postman.

Whatever invitation you choose, whether it be 100% DIY or not, we’re sure the bridal party and guests will love your creation. Just remember, those small touches go a long way, particularly with the bride. And as long as you stray from “butterfly” territory as most famously seen in “Bridesmaids”… we have a feeling you’ll be a-okay.


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