Cultural Foods and Your Wedding Menu


How to pay homage to your heritage by incorporating traditional cultural foods into the wedding menu

One of the most beautiful aspects marriage is the merging of two family’s treasured customs, and watching a young couple integrate those traditions into their future life together. And since food is an important part of almost every heritage, why not start right away by incorporating those customs into a cultural wedding menu? Whether that means hosting a pig roast, dining family style or cutting fruitcake instead of wedding cake, a wedding is the perfect time to embrace your cultural roots and share them with your guests. So, whether your family continues to make the traditional meals from their heritage, or if you’re interested in paying homage to the past, here are a few of the many ways to incorporate cultural foods into your wedding menu.

Croquembouche: In America, we have wedding cakes. In France, they have croquembouche, an incredible dessert of creme puffs woven together with sugar. This decadent creation is present at most weddings at France and admired by those who like simple, sweet and beautiful desserts. We can picture this dessert at any wedding, engagement party or even bridal shower for those brides who like a little something extra special sweet.


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Bread & Olive Oil Bar: While this could be present at any wedding (who doesn’t love carbs dipped in oil with cheese?), we bet your Italian relatives and guests would appreciate this spread more than most. By incorporating flavorful oils, different kinds of cheese and salumi along with a variety of olives, this bread bar becomes so much more than a buffet station.


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Pig Roast: In the Philippines, a spit or whole roasted pig is common at most weddings and is the center of attention at the dining table. We can imagine it would be quite the masterpiece at any wedding, particularly for those who love pork. But please don’t forget your vegetarian guests!


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Chaat Station: In India, chaat, or savory snacks, are present throughout the country. Most often found in food trucks, chaat can be incorporated into weddings in a number of ways. They’re a great way for guests to experience a variety of Indian flavors in small bites, great to share for weddings. We’re a fan of this Chaat station, which features a plenty of unique options for guests to try, including lentil doughnuts and noodles.

Chai Station

Photo Courtesy of Flordian Weddings

Family style Tagine Stew: It’s tradition for many Moroccan weddings to last over a number of days, which is why serving food family style is such a great option. One popular idea is to warm your guests hearts (and bellies) with the popular Tagine stew, a staple in many Moroccan households. The flavors of this spicy dish will transport your guests straight from your wedding to Morocco.


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Have fun menu planning!

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