Chloe + Isabel: Bridesmaid Gift Guide


Bridesmaid Gift Guide of the Jeweled Variety

The options for bridesmaids gifts are endless, yet there are few so practical—and beautiful—as something jeweled. Jewelry is a fantastic gift option for bridesmaids because of its versatility. Brides can hand out matching earrings to be worn at the wedding or personalized initial necklaces for the name of each individual ‘maid. The question for most brides is where to start.

We sat down with Meg O’Bryan a representative from the popular brand, Chloe + Isabel. Not only is she a jewelry expert, she knows a thing or two about being a bridesmaid. Here’s her bridesmaid gift guide.


BU: Tell us a little bit about the company Chloe and Isabel.

Meg: Chloe + Isabel is a fashion and lifestyle brand based out of NYC. The company’s mission is to connect stylish, creative and confident women through a modern-day social shopping experience. We sell all our jewelry through independent contractors, saving the cost of traditional brick and mortar stores. We personalize our boutiques to cater to our individual clients and we love owning our own small businesses. 

BU: When did your passion for jewelry begin?

Meg: I started selling jewelry in August of 2014 and absolutely love it! My online boutique features my favorites. You’ll find everything from on-trend statement necklaces, to delicate stacking bracelets to easy everyday essentials. I have dedicated a portion of my website to a bride and her bridesmaids, since I feel that c+i is such a great fit for the big day!

BU: Why does jewelry make sense as bridesmaid gift?

MegJewelry is a great bridesmaid gift! A bride can choose jewelry that fits the style of the wedding, or the style of their bridesmaid. When a bride gifts her bridesmaid with jewelry, it is a great way to make sure she approves of wedding day accessories without being too much of a “bridezilla.” Jewelry is also something a bridesmaid can continue to wear long after the wedding. My sister-in-law bought me a silver initial necklace and while it complimented my dress perfectly for the wedding, I now use it as a layering piece. 

BU: What’s the worst bridesmaid gift you’ve ever received? And how many times have you been a bridesmaid?

MegI feel like this is a trick question…but luckily, I have never received a bad bridesmaid gift (thanks, thankful brides!). I’ve been a bridesmaid 5 times. I have received jewelry for 4 of those weddings (and yes, I did wear the jewelry in all 4 weddings). 

BU: When you give jewelry as a bridesmaid gift, is there an expectation they have to wear it for the wedding?

MegNot always. I think that if you buy matching jewelry for all your bridesmaids, it is expected that they wear the jewelry in the wedding. If you purchase pieces that remind you of your bridesmaid’s style and personality, you may want to tell her she can choose to wear the jewelry or not. I think that this all boils down to communication. If you want your friends wearing their jewelry on your day, just ask!

BU: What should a bride spend on a bridesmaid gift?

Meg: You want to get your friends a nice gift but you don’t want to break the bank either. I would consider the size of your bridal party and maybe even the number of events you are asking your maids to attend. If your bridesmaids are attending or hosting several parties, you may consider giving them a nicer gift (maybe a matching 2 or 3 piece jewelry set). If you have a casual wedding with a more laid back feel, you may just want to get one piece that compliments your theme. Ultimately, your price range is going to depend on what you can comfortably afford. I love that with c+i, a bride can find awesome studs for under $25 or a gift set between $50 and $100.

Thanks, Meg!

For more on Meg O’Bryan’s Chloe + Isabel collection, check out her Instagram and Facebook. And browse below for images of some of our favorite Chloe + Isabel pieces.




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