Hosting a Bridal Shower From Out of Town….


How to host a bridal shower from another city. Hosting a bridal shower in another city for a low-budget bride, who wants no presents, is a pretty tall order for a Maid of Honor. Unless you…

The Art of Wedding Dress Shopping Supervision


When wedding dress shopping with your best friend, make sure to remember your duties as a bridesmaid. Shopping for wedding dresses is something every girl dreams about. It’s the toile, the lace, the standing on a…

Bridesmaids 101


Everything you need to know about being a bridesmaid. Since starting my bridesmaids project, several brides have come to me asking what they should expect from their wedding party. These are mostly brides who maybe haven’t been…

The importance of a thank you note.


Why writing a thank you note still matters. Maybe it feels like an old fashioned tradition. Maybe you just don’t have time. After all, thank you notes are tedious, so you shove them aside, right? Nope….

A Texas Wedding in the Fall


The perfect fall wedding. A successful wedding is almost always defined by the amount of love present in the room. That means that the right people have been invited, the atmosphere is perfect and that the…

How to give the perfect wedding speech

Happy Bride

The art of giving an amazing wedding toast. Writing a wedding speech is not easy. There is a specific formula that must be abided by or else the whole thing can go sour pretty quickly. The…



Bridesmaid-ing through the years.

The very first time I stood up in a wedding, I was just seven years old. My sister and I were asked to be the darling flower girls for my aunt and uncle on their wedding…