How to Cope as the Single Bridesmaid


Coping as the single bridesmaid: A love story. Dearest readers, Here at Bridesmaids Uncorked, we don’t lie. We meant it when we said being a bridesmaid is unfortunately expensive. We too, think penis cakes are silly and…

What to do when a good friend doesn’t ask you to be a bridesmaid


How to cope when you aren’t one of the chosen ones When a close girlfriend gets engaged, shortly after the celebration kicks off, the wonder starts to creep in. Will she ask me to be a…

How to be a good house guest.

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Rules for being a stellar house guest. It seems that every time I am part of a wedding, I end up camping out at someone’s house. That could mean the bride’s mother, sister or aunt’s house because we…

How to be the Perfect Wedding Guest


Don’t take being invited to a wedding for granted by breaking these rules.  The perfect wedding guest follows a few key etiquette rules, and trust me, I have broken my fair share. Most of the time…

When it’s Okay To Say No to Being a Bridesmaid


Sometimes you just have to say no to being a bridesmaid. So you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid, and while you are so honored, the prospect of participating is so daunting that you want to…

The importance of a thank you note.


Why writing a thank you note still matters. Maybe it feels like an old fashioned tradition. Maybe you just don’t have time. After all, thank you notes are tedious, so you shove them aside, right? Nope….