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The art of bridesmaids gifts—and why it’s important for brides to shower bridesmaids with love. 

Given how overwhelming the wedding planning process can become, brides can (and should!) lean on their bridesmaids for moral support. Their job is to make the bride’s life just a bit easier. In fact, it’s a role that has come to signify friendship and sisterhood, and has been around for centuries. Which is exactly why it’s important for brides to demonstrate their appreciation with a gift for their bridesmaids. It’s tradition for the bride to doll out bridesmaid gifts at the rehearsal dinner or just before the wedding. But with all of the decisions the bride has to make, from finding a dress, choosing flowers and securing a venue, it’s easy to let finding the perfect bridesmaid gift fall through the cracks. Until now.

Bridesmaids Uncorked sat down to chat all things bridesmaid with Jacqueline Piluso Trombino, the fabulous owner of The Bride’s Maid Shop, a one-stop location for any and all kinds of gifts to give your ‘maids. We asked her to share her expertise with us, and tell us how she got started.

BU: How did you start The Bride’s Maids Shop?

TBMS: Following my own wedding, friends and acquaintances began to reach out to me and ask questions like, ‘”Where did you get those robes in your getting ready pictures?” and “What should I get my bridesmaids?” That’s when I realized there might be a market for this.

BU: And what a market it is! From engraved necklaces to custom Pashminas and leather initial pouches, you offer brides a variety of products to choose from when it comes to picking something special. One of our favorite things about the shop is the number of personalized gift packages available for ‘maids, especially helpful for those brides with large bridal parties. How do your gift packages make it easier for brides?

TBMS: A lot of our brides are from the south, which means BIG bridal parties. This can get pretty expensive fairly quickly. That is why we offer our specialty gift packages. Within each package, the bride has the ability to personalize and customize the gift for each of her bridesmaids without making an expensive and timely ordeal of it. The bride can simply go to our website, select a gift in whatever price range she is comfortable with, and from there, pick colors, patters, initials etc. that are specific to each bridesmaid.

BU: Most brides are on a strict budget. We love how The Bride’s Maid Shop gift category divides items by price: “Under 50”, “Under 100” and “Under 150.” But it’s your spending equation that we can’t get enough of. How did you decide how much brides should be spending on bridesmaids gifts?

TBMS: As a general rule, I believe bridesmaid’s gifts should cost around 25%-30% of the total required expenses. Required expenses are the things you directly ask bridesmaids to purchase, such as the bridesmaid dress or hair and makeup. Of course you should always spend what you can, and something sentimental is the best thing. But, if you think about how much you have asked your bridal party to spend, it is a nice gesture to provide them with a thoughtful thank you gift that they can use and appreciate.

BU: What are some of your favorite or most meaningful bridesmaids gifts on The Bride’s Maids Shop site?

TBMS: Most of the gifts on The Bride’s Maids Shop are handmade, which means the bride is giving a gift that is truly high quality, and that was lovingly created. The robes are block printed by hand. The clutches are designed and hand crafted on Long Island by expert leather workers. The earrings are authentic gemstones dipped in 14k gold. The pashminas are hand woven and hand dyed by Azo chemical free dyes and so on. When you give a gift from The Bride’s Maids Shop, you can rest assured that it is not only a high quality gift, but also one that your bridesmaids will LOVE and use again!”

Thanks so much, Jacqueline!


Photo Courtesy of Jacqueline Piluso Trombino 

Have fun browsing some of our favorite selections from The Bride’s Maids Shop below.


Brilliant Bridesmaid Package $50.00, Teardrop Gemstone Earrings (variety of colors), Minimergency Kit


Fabulous Leather Pouch – $40.00


 A Sweet Letter Initial Necklace – Pave, $30.00


GiGi All in One – Python Clutch Customizable, $104.00


Illume Cheers Candle, $9.25



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