Bridal Shower Duties


From gift handlers to bouquet makers, there are bridal shower duties for everyone.

Lindsay's Old Lady Shower 028Let’s be honest: anytime you have a room full of women, it’s easy to get sidetracked with conversation! So when hosting a bridal shower, the bridal shower could suddenly last all afternoon. But there are things that hosts and helpers can do to keep the bridal shower on task — and this are perfect jobs for the the bridesmaids. So get your troop of at least five helpers together and start making things happen. Here are the top bridal shower duties to doll out to the bridesmaids.

Game Leader

This is the perfect task for a charismatic gal who can keep the crowd’s attention and make the how-well-you-know-the-bride games a blast. These games are so much fun, and are even more so with the right MC.  The game leader should also be able to steer the group in the right direction so the game is enjoyable for everyone.

Gift Hander-Offer

IMG_5743The gift hander-offer and gift taker-awayer is the one who really controls the pace of the present opening experience. The gift gal makes sure that the bride isn’t sitting in front of the group repacking the china setting she just received, while fumbling with boxes and tissue paper and trying to keep her legs crossed, all with a smile on her face. The gift gal will take each box away and hand the bride a new one to save the bride from spending too much time explaining why she loves each gift she handpicked from her registry so much. She will thank you later.

Garbage Collector

As soon as the bride opens a gift, the garbage collector had better swoop in and clean up that mess. Just save the ribbons and hand them off to the Bouquet Maker. Depending on the size of the shower, be armed with at least two garbage bags to keep the room tidy and the cards from being accidentally discarded.

Lindsay's Old Lady Shower 035Note Taker

This is a tricky job that should be assigned to one of the gals who knows most of the guests — and who isn’t easily distracted. Give her a pen and paper and instruct her to write down in as much detail as possible each of the items the bride receives and from whom. If you want to give her an extra hand, then make a graph or a chart in advance with all of the guests names, and space to write down each item.

Bouquet Maker

A fun bridal tradition is to take the ribbons from the bride’s shower gifts and use them to create a bouquet for the bride. This is usually done with a paper plate that has a hole punctured in the center. The Bouquet Maker is a great job for someone who is creative and wants to be kept busy. But make sure that this gal remembers to bring the faux bouquet to the rehearsal dinner so the bride can have it for the practice round! IMG_5736 - Version 2

And most of all, have a great time with people you care about!



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