Bachelorette Theme Parties


Why Bachelorette theme parties are taking over.

Gone are the days of bachelorette parties revolving around feather boas, the color pink and penis cakes. Well, okay, maybe not totally gone, but there is something new on the horizon kicking those “sexy” male strippers out of the water. Enter, bachelorette theme parties. We’re in love with the idea of bridesmaids and MOH’s throwing their bride a unique bachelorette party based on a theme that suits her style and interests. Whether that’s a weekend away in Michigan, a casino night in Vegas or having a spa weekend full of clay masks and massages, themed parties are a great way to bring everyone in the wedding party together.

Here are five of our favorite ideas for bachelorette theme parties:

Lingerie Theme: Now that she’s getting hitched, have the bride-to-be stock up on some new intimate essentials. For this bachelorette theme party, each guest brings something sultry for the bride to don on her honeymoon. Places like Agent Provocateur and Journelle sell beautiful and luxurious lingerie for brides and grooms alike to swoon over. After the lingerie is exchanged, continue with the sexy theme and head to a Burlesque class. Pop some champagne, put that feather boa to good use and let loose with your girls.


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Gatsby Theme– If you’ve got a old-fashioned, vintage-loving, “wishes-she-lived-in-a-different-era” kind of bride on your hands, the Gatsby Theme will not disappoint. What better excuse to dress up in feathered dresses, pearls, headbands with a fierce red lip? Pour the sloe gin fizz or champagne cocktails and transport yourselves back to the roaring 20s. After sipping on bubbly, take your fabulous selves out on the town for a fantastic dinner and dancing to jazz music.


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Spa Theme -Spa theme bachelorette parties are the best because they can either be super low key or more extravagant. For the low maintenance bride,  host a spa day (or weekend!) at a bridesmaid’s house. Set up a mimosa station, put on relaxing tunes, give each guest their own custom robe, so on and so forth. If you want to go all out for a bride who loves her massages with hot stones, organize a trip to the spa.  Ask for package deals and if they do anything special for bachelorette parties—you never know, there could be a free pedicure in there somewhere! Whichever route you take, a spa themed party is the perfect way for both the bride and bridesmaids to decompress in the comfort of a relaxing and rejuvenating space.

Young woman on massage table in beauty spa.

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Wine Theme – Oh, wine. We love you so. We love you so much, in fact, you’d make for a perfect bachelorette party theme weekend. Start off the first night with a wine themed dinner (red wine risotto, anyone?) and open bottles of the bride’s favorite wine. Play games like “guess the cork” and nosh on wine and cheese. Then, trek over to a local winery the next day for wine tastings. Bonus points if it’s an outdoor winery, perfect for group photos. After the wine weekend, send your guests home with a goody bag full of a special bottle of wine.


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90s theme: This may be our personal favorite themed bachelorette party. Don’t love the 90s? As IF! Gather all the friends and bridesmaids of the bride-to-be and reminisce on the good, the bad and the ugly from one of our favorite decades. Stick to a strict dress code solely of 90s fashion, pass out Ring Pops and Dunkaroos, blast old school N’SYNC and BSB on the speakers and play your favorite 90s games (Girl Talk, anyone?). End the night watching Clueless and laughing at those amazing plaid skirts. Pass out goody bags full of 90s nostalgic candy or take turn prank calling the groomsmen.


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