Bachelorette Activities that Rule

Bachelorette activities for when penis cakes just aren’t going to cut it.

Bachelorette parties aren’t just about oddly shaped cakes, brides in skin tight white dresses and drunk bridesmaids screaming from trolley windows. I mean, those bachelorette parties are really fun, we aren’t going to lie. But if your bride is interested in a last fling before the ring that has a little more pizzazz, turn it up a notch with something unique from our list of bachelorette activities to try yesterday. Hint: nude models are involved.

7 Amazing Bachelorette Activities

Pole-Dancing Class: A bachelorette party is just the right setting to honor your inner goddess and learn the ups and downs of pole dancing. Because, let’s face it, there is nothing sexier than a well-coordinated striptease, especially when there is a pole involved. The best part is that not only is it a fantastic workout, but watching all of your best friends try their hand and these unique moves will have some serious entertainment value. Just leave mom, grandma and your mother-in-law at home.

Camping: Sometimes a girl has gotta getaway. For the right kind of bride, glamping—er camping—is the perfect bachelorette activity. Just spark up a fire, and wash down those s’mores with wine from a canteen. Get creative with the menu and serve up childhood favorites like hot-dogs and burgers and get cute water bottles for party favors. Play dance music from an iPod, pop a few bottles of champagne and enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer. And of course,  don’t forget the “No Boys Allowed” sign—this camping trip is all about the girls.

Rollerskating: Whether you gather the group at the old town roller rink or just set off around the city, riding around the city on old-school skates would be a blast. Get matching socks for the group and set off in style. After you work up a sweat, hole up in the bride’s favorite bar or restaurant for post-workout fuel and booze. Just please try not to break any jones.

Figure Drawing Class: We promised nudity, didn’t we? This isn’t your average paint-by-numbers class, but it is art. Spend the bachelorette party exercising your creativity by painting a very handsome model who happens to be without clothing. Sip on a cocktail (or three) as you whoosh your paintbrush over a blank canvas, creating something beautiful. These types of classes may not be available in every city or every state, but we can tell you they’re becoming more and more popular. Take to Google, sign up your girls for a class and thank us later.

Sleepover: We’re big fans of old-fashioned slumber parties, especially when they involve matching pajamas, manicure stations, romantic comedies playing on the TV and lots of snacks. Invite the bride-to-be and her bachelorette crew over for a fun and low-key party that will be spent reminiscing, laughing and probably lots of Instagramming. Have each guest bring a game, food or drink and make it a potluck style sleepover instead. Just don’t stay up past your bedtimes—the bride needs her beauty rest.

Champagne Crawl: Bubbly bars are popping up just about everywhere and with varieties ranging from rose, to brut and sparkling wine. Which is exactly why a classy, champagne-themed cocktail crawl is a fab way to hit the bars while sticking to a classy agenda. Don’t forget to make a pit-stop for food along the way, to keep all of that bubbly from going to your head.

Bring the Boys: We know that bachelorette parties are infamously girls only, but it’s not like it’s written in stone that the boys can’t tag along. Throw your bride and groom to-be’s a joint bachelor / bachelorette party filled with activities the whole group can enjoy. Whether that’s a dinner out with dancing and drinks afterwards or bowling and cheap beer, we bet it’d be double the fun celebrating both bride, groom and all their friends.


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