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Ideas for buying personalized gifts away from the registry

The easiest way to check that wedding gift off the list is to go online to Crate & Barrel and pick out a platter from the bride and groom’s registry. But what if you want to enter the tricky terrain that is straying away from the online selections and take a more creative approach? Buying something with a more personalized feel can add a super meaningful touch to any wedding gift and it doesn’t have to be scary. Today we’re sharing four of our favorite options for buying wedding gifts away from the registry without breaking the wedding rules.

Custom Frames: A beautiful framed photo is something incredibly special for a couple beginning their lives together. Not only does it commemorate an event or date in time, but it can double as wall art, which is fantastic. Many websites like Etsy feature various designers who create these masterpieces in a variety of shapes and styles. We love the idea of giving the frame a theme, such as including a map of where the couple met, an image of the ceremony or even something as simple as the couple’s initials engraved with their wedding date.


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Customized Frame

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Honeymoon Excursions: Honeymoon registries are catching on like wildfire, but for the bride and groom who don’t have helicopter rides and dinner on the beach listed, buying something they can use during their travels is a fantastic idea. Upgrade their tickets to first class or have a chilled bottle of champagne waiting for them at the hotel. If they are staying at a beach resort, set them up with a special sunset sail; or if they are going on a European adventure, chip in for their train pass. The options are endless, and it will be an amazing surprise for the bride and groom. (For those planning a wedding who are interested in creating a honeymoon fund, check out this detailed guide about which website and registry is best).

Honeymoon Fund

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All Things Monogrammed:Creating gifts with the couple’s initials are a great way to add a personal touch to a wedding gift. And there are endless ways to have fun thinking outside the box. If the bride and groom love cooking, they will drool over a new monogrammed wooden cutting board. If the couple can’t resist a Saturday morning spent playing cornhole, bags, bean bag toss or whatever you call it in your hometown, we can only imagine their excitement upon seeing their own customized boards. Monogrammed cashmere blankets lend a luscious touch to a comfy and cozy gift and monogrammed custom coasters would be the perfect accompaniment to the couple’s favorite beverage of choice.


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Monogrammed Blankets

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Experiences: The newlyweds are going to love anything that has to do with spending quality time together. So if you’re attending a wedding where the bride and groom dine out 5 nights a week, surprise them with a cooking class for two at a local culinary school. Are the bride and groom wine fanatics? Line them up with a private tasting at a local vineyard along with a bottle of their favorite wine. For the adventurous and thrill-seeking couple, send them skydiving. Find out the hobbies and passions of the bride and groom and take it from there. For creative ideas, check out Excitations, a website that offers a massive selection of birthday, weddings, anniversary gift “experiences” along with details, pricing and reviews.


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Whether it’s a customized poem, a skydiving lesson or something monogrammed, we’re sure the happy couple will absolutely adore not only the actual gift, but the thought and care that went into picking everything out. Have fun shopping! And in the meantime, we’d love to hear your creative ideas for shopping away from the registry.





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