How to Cope as the Single Bridesmaid


Coping as the single bridesmaid: A love story. Dearest readers, Here at Bridesmaids Uncorked, we don’t lie. We meant it when we said being a bridesmaid is unfortunately expensive. We too, think penis cakes are silly and…

Wedding Beauty Must Haves


The beauty products I can’t live without The wedding bug has bitten me big time and we are less than a month away. But with wedding planning comes an unbelievable amount of events that require the…

Q&A with Vow to Be Chic

VTBC Team 2

Vow to be Chic is making it easier than every for bridesmaids to look good, without breaking the bank. Being a bridesmaid is expensive. In fact, the average bridesmaid spends $1,695 per wedding—and oftentimes that number…

Wedding Welcome Bag Cookies


Putting together a welcome bag for your wedding guests? Don’t forget to include these cookies. When planning a wedding, it’s important to remember the out of town guests. Almost always that means preparing a welcome bag…

The Wedding Hashtag


The “Wedding Hashtag” adds a whole new element to wedding planning.  If you’ve planned a wedding in the last year, then you have been faced with the incredibly daunting task of coming up with a wedding…

5 Awesome Shower Themes


How to choose a shower theme that the bride will love. Trying to narrow down a shower theme that isn’t cheesy or overdone isn’t the easiest task you’ll take on as bridesmaid. On one hand, you want to…

Carrot Cake Cupcakes


The perfect carrot cupcake recipe for a wedding shower dessert A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be spoiled by my aunt, stepmom and sisters for my “friend” wedding shower. It was absolutely amazing…

The Engagement Photo


My love hate relationship with engagement photos One of the requisite tasks of planning a wedding is taking engagement photos. Sometimes they are perfectly Pinterest-y, and other times they are so posed and cheesy that you…

Seasonal Bachelorette Parties


A bachelorette theme party for every season Before bridesmaids dive into important bachelorette party logistics, like whether the champagne should be pink or extra bubbly,  you have to narrow down when the big party will be taking place….

The Toxin Flush Drink Recipe by Joey Devick Fitness

Elixir - joeydevickfitness

Healthy, all natural elixir Looking to debloat before a big day? We are bringing you the ultimate toxin flush. The benefits of this drink are endless. Starting with reduced inflammation and bloating, to appetite suppressant and…